The Florida Highwaymen Artists

The Florida Highwaymen Artists were the beginning of Florida’s contemporary art tradition, and are credited for the beginning of the “Indian River School” art movement. They developed their own individual techniques and captured waterscapes, backcountry marshes, and inlets the way they were before recent tourism develpments. From the beginning, there were people who collected Florida Highwayman art and paintings. However only in recent years has the recognition of their skill and their story caused their paintings to skyrocket in value. In 2004, twenty-six individuals were inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame as “Florida Highwaymen.”

The following is a list of the Florida Highwaymen Artists:

Curtis Arnett
Hezekiah Baker †
Al Black
Ellis Buckner †
George Buckner †
Robert Butler
Mary Ann Carroll
Johnny Daniels
Willie Daniels
Rodney Demps
James Gibson
Alfred Hair †
Issac Knight
Robert L. Lewis
John Maynor
Roy McLendon
Alfonso Moran †
Harold Newton †
Lemuel Newton
Sam Newton
Livingston Roberts †
Willie Reagan
Cornell Smith
Charles Walker
Sylvester M. Wells
Charles Wheeler


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