College Boyys Designs By Romeo – High Fashion Affordable Clothing For Boys

Romeo Miller, (formerly known as Lil Romeo) creator of College Boyys Designs, has created a fashion line that caters to boys ages 2-20. His fashions have been endorsed by such celebs as Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber among others. Miller says that his inspiration for this line came because his father (former rapper Master P) used to write, “I’m going to college” on his clothes. This stuck with him, and prompted him to want to share the same positive message with other young boys.

He did, in fact, go to college and is now producing a successful clothing line that is made up of polo shirts, t-shirts, button downs, argyle sweater vests, hooded sweat shirts, and jeans. It is already in high demand in stores across the country.
His goal is to implant the same positive message that his father instilled in him to other young boys. He wants them to be able to dress themselves everyday with a feeling of success, and truly believe that, “It’s actually cool to be smart.”

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