Stephanie Redcross Brings Vegan to the Mainstream Since

Since I first went vegan in 1995, I’ve witnessed a sea change. What once felt like fringe is now creeping into the global collective consciousness. This has not been an accident, of course. Dedicated activists and green entrepreneurs have been tirelessly toiling to promote plant-based living. One such advocate is Stephanie Redcross, a dedicated vegan (for five years) and the founder of Vegan Mainstream. Using skills like strategic planning, market intelligence, social media, design, search engine optimization, and public relations, Stephanie and Vegan Mainstream are here to “spread awareness for your animal friendly business to both vegan and non-vegan consumers.” They explain: “We want to propel your vegan or vegetarian businesses into the mainstream.”

Here’s more of their game plan:

  • Vegan Mainstream aims to fill a gap in the billion dollar veg/vegetarian U.S. marketplace by exclusively helping small and medium sized veg/vegan businesses not only market to vegan/vegetarians, but the mainstream.
  • Vegan Mainstream is headquartered in La Jolla, California. Its employees work in California and virtually
  • throughout the United States from Connecticut to Seattle.
  • The company launched in October 2009 with one employee. It now has a team of 10 marketers and 15 writers.
  • Nearly 15,000 social media fans from all over the world follow Vegan Mainstream online.

I wanted to know more so I went directly to the source: Stephanie Redcross. “As the founder, Vegan Mainstream provides a space for me to merge my passions, veganism and marketing,” she explains. “Everyday, I get to use my management and marketing training to save animals, save the planet and help vegan business owners succeed. It’s a dream come true!!!”

To read the full Q & A with Ms. Redcross click here.

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