Quilt de la Renaissannce

“Sunshine” Joe Mallard participates in an exciting arts/education project that is about to take place at the Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc.. Kids Art Academy afterschool arts program.

The project called H.A.R.L.E.M. (How Arts Reflected the Lifestyle and Experiences of the Movement) will be facilitated by local professional arts educators in the community who have the skills and knowledge in this area. They will involved local children in various arts programs and projects. Some of the artists include The Harrod Co.,(Black History Educators) Sunshine Joe Mallard (fabric artist) Phillip Cherry,(actor, educator) Janise Carter,(singer) and Stephanie Foster arts educator of the Speed Art Museum). The activities include creating a Renaissance quilt, a silent auction of artwork reflecting the style of Renaissance artists Jacob Lawrence and Henry O. Tanner, a Performance – A Night at the LCCC Cotton Club at The Art Sanctuary in the Point, and the culminating event during spring Break—-Three Day trip to New York!!! (The parents will be working diligently to raise these funds. This was not covered in the grant)

Unlike most afterschool programs, our focus is on the arts and through the generosity of the Community Foundation, the Norton Foundation and Metro United Way, our children will begin a most significant journey through the studies of visual and performing artists of the Renaissance Period who have made an impact on the performing arts industry today.

Quilt de la Rennaissance

“Sunshine” Joe Mallard will work with 25 Students to create embroidery pieces representative of The Harlem Renaissance.

The art pieces created by the elementary and middle school children will represent the culmination of many values that go far beyond the craft of embroidery.. “Sunshine” Joe emphasizes the importance of individual and team building skills with a special emphasis on finishing what one starts. The children will be required to write an essay describing their experience in the project.

“Sunshine” Joe will construct the tapestry after the participants have completed their designs. A special unveiling and reception will be given honoring those who complete the project. Students, parents, community leaders, sponsors and the general public will be invited to attend. Each participant will receive a framed certificate of completion and a motivational poem written by “Sunshine” Joe.

The tapestry will be permanently displayed at the Louisville Central Community Center. It will acquaint the participants and the community at large with and expose them to the beginnings, characteristics, ending and influence of the Harlem Renaissance. It will also serve as a visual reminder that the arts are alive at the Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc.

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