Natural Makeup for Black Women

Natural Makeup for Black Women












Women of color are naturally beautiful. That is why makeupexperts recommend that they use natural makeup for black women. Although you can easily rock bold colors with your ebony skin, you should give natural makeup for black women. So, if you want to try it out, here is what you should do with each of your facial features:

Your Skin

The most important thing in natural makeup for black women is your skin. Choosing the right foundation shade will make sure that you get the best results. If your foundation is too light, your skin will look chalky, whereas it will look artificial if you choose dark foundation.

Your Eyes

You first need to prepare your eyes for the natural makeup for black women. Get rid of your dark circles by applying concealer. However, to prevent it from appearing prominently, make sure to blend it with your foundation by using your fingers.

For your eye shadow, use neutral shades such as pinks and browns, or choose bolder colors such as purple and orange. The latter may sound strange, but you should know that natural makeup for black women doesn’t mean choosing plain colors. It basically means choosing shades which make you look perfectly natural. Finally, remember that blending eye shades with fingers (not brushes) is an important aspect of natural makeup for black women.

Once you’re done with your eye shadow, add eyeliner and apply mascara. For the natural look, use less of both.

Your Cheeks

Most women neglect their cheeks, thus they keep them void of blush. The rules for natural makeup for black women clearly state that blush is necessary. However, rather than applying pink or shades of orange on your cheeks, you’re better off with brown or copper. Brushing a bronzer on your cheeks will also give you excellent results.

Your Lips

If you choose natural makeup for black women, you should use lip gloss, especially if it’s clear or pinkish. However, if you don’t have those in your makeup kit, you can choose peach or brownish lipstick and similar lip color.

Following these recommendations will give you the best results from natural makeup for black women. However, remember to use makeup for black women while implementing these. That was you can rest assured that you have the right shades for your skin.

Till next time, keep on experimenting with shades and colors until you find out what suits you best!


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