Mounia – Model Extraordinaire

Black supermodel Mounia (above) attained her supermodel status overseas. She equaled Naomi Campbell on the runway and she was a favorite of designers Versace and Yves St. Laurent. They considered her exquisite, elegant and classy.

Early in her career, Mounia showed up for fashion bookings (she wasn’t booked for), before the day was over, she had the booking!

She is extremely business savvy with solid investments and she travels frequently between Paris and Martinique (where she owns a fashion boutique).

Black model Mounia (above) was the first African-American model to write a book on modeling, “Princesse Mounia.”

Mounia’s actual name is Monique-Antoine, she felt¬† the unusual combination had power, granting her a special connection.

She worked at the airport in Fort-de-France as an announcer and she was also an on-ground hostess at Orly airport in Paris.

It wasn’t until 1976, when an important American client withdrew her patronage from Givenchy after Mounia modeled a suit before her.¬† Mounia was slapped in the face by the ugly realities of racism in the modeling industry.

Suddenly, she was forced to see that history was not separable from the present and that she was part of them both.

As she developed her career, Mounia began to work with designers other than Givenchy. They included Emanuel Ungaro and Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld, an iconoclast who did “not detest provocation” hired her to do Chloe and his own line. When he took over the design responsibilities at Chanel, he hired Mounia for that house as well.

She became the first Black model to present the Chanel collection.

It was her connection with Yves St. Laurent, however, which was to prove the most fruitful and long-lasting of her career. Not only was Mounia his star runway model for almost a decade, she was also propelled by Saint Laurent’s fame onto the pages of fashion magazines around the world.

Source: Barbara Summers


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