Гуля Алексеева

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Gulya Alekseeva – artist, master of art dolls, a member of TSKHR (IFA). Doll artist is already doing as a child in the likeness of those that are sewing for her mother, Guli. Gulya Alekseev finished production faculty LGITMiK (Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography). Already being a professional artist and working as a production designer, Gul worked in parallel with painting, drawing, doing collages, art objects. However, considering himself a sculptor, a weak, long time did not dare to do this doll. Now Gul Alexeev does not regret that her path to the doll was so long, as a puppet mastery requires professional knowledge and skills in various fields of art. The favorite material for a long time the master was a papier-mache. With the advent of plastics, the artist went to work with efaplastom. This material allows you to create very complex sculptural forms. Recently, Alekseev Gul became involved working with wood, because wood combines the warmth and endless plastic possibilities. Gulya Alexeev – the master of sophisticated styling. The artist constantly experimenting, inventing, finding all the new images and themes. Fantasy, rich detail and interesting methods of Gulu, filled with inner life and always give the viewer the way for reflection. The works of masters have repeatedly received numerous awards and took the place of honor in the world of art dolls, along with the works of distinguished masters. Gulya Alexeyeva constant participant of exhibitions of the Club-studio “Doll Collection”, winner of the contest Dollart.ru. Dolls masters are in private collections in Russia, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.




Music is my first love but painting keeps me grounded and happily busy about the business of being me - which is quite delightful. The 7 year cycles of life have apparently delivered me to a very good place emotionally. Art adds the spark and drama to life that keeps me hummin' along..

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