What is art and how does it enhance our lives

What is art and how does it enhance our lives
by October Gallery Staff

Art is a presentation of the imagination of the Human mind. Whatever the mind imagines it is depicted through art. There are other forms of art as well. Live art is something when a person creates a piece of art of what he sees in front of him. The person who creates art is known as an artist. Art is a great way to express one’s feelings. Art is not just an inscription of the imagination power of man but it is also a mirror of the human feelings, emotions, heart and the mind.
The different forms of art can be depicted in various ways like:
Abstract art.
Devotional art.
Commercial art.
Live art.
Temple art:
The art that is found in temples and churches have a story and morale behind them. There are archeological surveys that tell us the truth about what an art depicts. Archeologists have been an essential part in the discovery of various form of art. Any inscription made by a person can be called an art as long as it has a message to convey to the people. The devotional art forms found in south Indian temples have a story that lead back to the Vedic age.
Commercial art:
Commercial art has become very popular in the 21st century. This art is done day in and day out. Painters and artists display their work in various showrooms and galleries. Then other people who are art lovers go and buy these beautiful works. These works are sold at high prices. Art is a form of living for some people. Some people build their entire lives based on art.
Cloth art:
Stitching and embroidery is also a kind of art. This kind of art is done on clothes to give clothes a traditional and exquisite look. Clothes are given a touch of elegance and richness when this kind of art is done on it. This could be very expensive as it takes a lot of effort and expertise to make these things. The Indian handloom industry and the cotton industry run purely on the basis of fine art.
The essence of art:
Art is a way of expressing yourself. It is probably the best way to depict all the conflicts and battles that go on inside the human conscience. The essence of pure art is taken from the early days of history. Art also depicts and imitates science. The models of the aircraft and helicopter were given by Leonardo Da Vinci way back in the 18th century when there was no existence of science. There is no doubt of the importance of art in our lives.
Art has been enhancing human lives for ages. The need for good art is essential at all point in life. Art is a great way of livelihood and a good way to express human emotions. Art and architecture have a huge contribution to the history of the world. Great artists like Michelangelo have walked the planet and have left their mark behind.

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