SOLD – Taje Thoughts by Samuel R. Byrd

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Taje Thoughts
by Samuel R. Byrd
Limited Edition Serigraph – Hand Pulled
Signed, Numbered and Hand Colored

Edition 27/50
Size 32″ x 40″ Approx

Samuel is a realistic artist whose work expresses his personal experiences and encounters in the inner city, as well as in his travels. He translates the impact of his vision into his artwork, which depicts the tender, innocent and emotional side of children, women and elderly. Abstracts are also a large part of Samuel’s artistic endeavors. Recently, he has undertaken the task of combining realism and abstract into one creation to obtain the proper mood in his drawings and paintings. Since childhood, Samuel has loved and created art. Inspired by his family to pursue his dreams, Samuel’s art has become renown. His works have traveled throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and even Brazil. Samuel has won many awards and prizes for his art. His artwork has appeared on TV shows such as “Generations,” “Different World,” and “The Cosby Show.”
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