Want to earn some money for your school or organization.
Host an in-store fundraiser at one of our kiosk locations.

You will earn 20% on all sales from your group.

Here is how it works:

Pick a date for your fundraiser then call 215-352-3114 or email and set your event up with our agent. The agent will determine which kiosk location and time is available. The event can be held all day or during a specific time period .. that’s up to you.

Give yourself plenty of time to promote your event.

We will email you an electronic flyer that you can use to promote your event. Send this electronic flyer to friends, family, associates etc. to get the word out. Don’t forget to use facebook and twitter to help promote your fundraiser. Make sure your folks bring the flyer with them to the event. The flyer is how we keep track of your sales.

Remember the more people that come and shop, the more money you’ll earn.

Let’s get started. Call 215-352-3115 or email  TODAY!