God’s Grace & Mercy by Renda Rose


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Renda Rose is among the nations most sought after voices, as she boldly stands as a spokesperson for those with internal wounds and unheard cries. A life coach, motivational speaker, and inspirational poet all but scratch the surface of who Renda Rose is.

Resilient defines this woman who uses the devastation of her youth as a testament that there is indeed life after death! Having experienced the aftermath of molestation and rape at the hand of her biological uncle, which started at the tender age of 5; this plague again met her at the age of 19, when she was brutally raped by a couple of felons; one of which a convicted murderer.


Oh yes! Ms. Rose is well acquainted with the stifling affects of abuse. Because Renda didn’t have the tools to properly heal, the aftermath of this devastation stayed with her, and would ricochet into her adulthood. Renda Rose has arisen victorious over a 20 year stint of drug addiction and depression. Nine of these years Renda spent homeless on the streets of Philadelphia. She proclaims that her turn around happened in the solitude of a rehabilitation institution.


Today, Ms. Rose stands by her statement that she was, “wounded only for a moment, and on purpose.” That purpose is to speak life into broken hearts of the young and old, from all walks of life across the nations. With thirteen victorious years of sobriety, Ms. Rose stands free from her past of desolation, shame, and insecurity. And once becoming totally clean from her addictions, Renda became a volunteer aid for five years at the very day shelter which once was a place of refuge for her.

Though on the move, Renda still has a strong passion for individuals addicted to drugs, and without a home; and is putting action behind her passion as she builds her nonprofit company, Rosewaters Inc. which will serve to educate, empower, and equip these individuals with the tools necessary to acquire healing and success. Ms. Rose firmly believes that, “healing is a choice!”


With a growing resume, Renda has worked with Victims Services of Montgomery Co. in the state of Pennsylvania, made a national television appearance on Channel 8, It’s Your Call with Lynn Dole, and was also featured on the international radio broadcast, In the RAWW with Paula Edwards. She has also hosted her very own internet talk show called, Heart to Heart.

There’s no stopping this dynamic woman now that she is finally walking in her purpose! Ms. Rose’s book  entitled, Grace and Mercy Brought Me Home, a masterpiece which details her incredible transformation from a mere weed, into the beautiful “rose” she is today! Additionally she is currently a spokesperson for The Truth Behind Incest the Movement, and has availed herself for speaking engagements from large banquets, to small intimate settings; sharing her wisdom and insight with diverse audiences. She has also traveled far and near imparting hope, truth, and inspiration through her phenomenal gift of poetry. Renda’s poems have been likened to the remarkable and highly acclaimed, Maya Angelou. Renda makes her poems available in gift sets, which are great for all occasions.


With a personal desire to see wounded hearts healed, and to bring restoration back to the mother/daughter unit, driven to aide people from all walks of life that have somehow gotten off track along this journey called life to find their course; Renda has set out to spread her revelation about “Truth and Choices.”

Renda Rose, a woman of great faith, courage, and zeal is taking on the great task of spreading the good news which is that there “is” life after death through a process of rebuilding, and restoring. As she remains transparent about her journey, she encourages individuals entrapped in guilt and shame to “come out! “And as she embraces the truth, the choice, the freedom, the hope, the faith, the victory, the peace, the grace, the mercy, the purpose, and most importantly, the love,” this mighty woman is managing to lead humanity as a race into a place of healing, purpose, and destiny. Along with her personal declaration, God is marvelous; Renda’s favorite quote comes from the Bible, Philippians 4:13 which states, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” Her favorite song… Amazing Grace.

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Here is one of the poems from the book.

“Yes. I Made It Out!”



I made it out but I feel a huge pain for the ones that are lost.

People I met in those ‘taboo‘ places of life.

The forbidden fruits, castaways, the living dead,

People with no hope.

No will of their own, much less a hero in their path.

Well, I am no hero but my heart needs to reach just one

Forgotten soul. We are human beings.

We are in a war for the life that’s deeply covered with

Pain, sadness, shame, misery, sorrow, and grief.

Oh, so much pain. I’ve known many to die.

They left this earth trapped inside a human

Man-made cage‘.

I’ve heard the cries in the night

I’ve seen the frightened faces.

I’ve listened to the deadly tales and adventures.

We are people.

We breath in the same air as your

Fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.

You ask, “Are we sick from the lack of self-worth?

Well, it is more than that.

Please, STOP sizing us up!

We are unique with similar, but different needs,

Because my life was one great big, huge, empty black hole.

But, I made it out!

Yes, God ordered my steps and gave me hope.

God used some special people, some family, some friends;

Even some strangers opened their hearts to me.

They allowed me in their hearts.

Today, I have a strong sense of self-love, self-worth, and

Self-respect. I am no hero.

I was, however, a wasted life story: a living dead person.

I just needed someone to dig a hole;

Throw me in and cover me up.

Instead, someone came to rescue me.

Today, I’m free to experience

God’s Love, God’s Joy, God’s Peace, God’s Power.

And yes, I’m free to experience God’s compassion

For other people, such as the loveless, the forgotten.

They will remain in my view because

Each one of them is unique.

I carry them faithfully ‘in my heart‘.

Everywhere I go, I take a piece of them with me.

I need to pass on love. I need to pass on joy.

I need to pass on power. I need to pass on hope.

I believe there is a way to touch one’s heart so it can live

Again. So it can feel the sunshine and the raindrops.

So that TRUTH and CHOICES can give hope,

To allow the light of life to shine ever so bright!

Yes, I made it out, but I have not forgotten to look inside

My blessed new life and reach back. There is always a

Heart crying, “Help me, please!

Show me. Teach me to live. I’ve lost my way home.

Renda Rose Williams © 2010