The Jackson Saga

The BET Awards were on last night and Joe Jackson attended. Now I understand people mourn and grieve lost ones in their own way, but when asked how was he doing from a reporter, Joe’s response was “I’m doing great!” Well, that’s nice. A huge portion of the world is currently saddened over the death of your illustrious son, could you feign some sadness, too?

I have this theory that everyone’s life work is in response to the relationship they have with their parents. Would Michael have been so great if he wasn’t constantly pushing back against his father and showing him the heights he could reach? Would Michael have bought all that land in California to make Neverland and create the childhood he was robbed of? Our parents have the amazing privilege of seeing our lives from the very start, and in Michael’s case, to the very end. As children, we only see our parents when they’ve settled down. My mom could’ve been a crazy, acid-droppin’ hippie for all I know, but our parents’ watchful eye means they have an incredible amount of influence over who we become and what we do with our lives.

How have your parents influenced you? 

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