Renee Scarbo visual artist

Brilliant reds and golds glow in any light, bringing a burst of color to any room. Add your favorite blooms to this striking glass vase for a breathtakingly beautiful focus piece! Decorative purposes only.

Renee’Holloway/Scarbo, a singer/songwriter for over 35yrs. Was once the only female lead vocolist of the group called “THE FLOATERS” who made their biggest hit back in the day called “FLOAT ON” when it was just the guys, and another with “THE FLOATERS & SHUGA with an album entitled “FOR YOUR LOVE”. Now I sing for Churches all over whenever needed, and for weddings occasionally or if you just need a song of prayer at home of for your loved ones in their time of need: just call me I’ll be there, or go to my website and leave me your information. I also love selling my wonderful products here at my web store at: Enjoy the scroll through LADIDRS.COM. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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