Holiday events in the Phoenix area

“A Vote from Alice”

Herberger Theater Center

222 E. Monroe St. Phoenix, AZ, 85004

PHONE: 602-254-7399

January 25, 2011 – February 3, 2011 Tuesday, 12:10 PM
Wednesday, 12:10 PM
Thursday, 12:10 PM


PRICE: $6 : $6 CREDITS: Written by Larissa Brewington, directed by Joy Bingham Strimple PRESENTED BY: Grey Matters Productions

The one-woman show is about Alice Allison Higgins, the first African American woman to receive White House credentials. She took a position on Lyndon B. Johnson’s campaign for the Democratic nomination. The show examines the racial challenges of that time period and highlights her experiences traveling with Harry S. Truman on his 1948 campaign trip. Part of the Lunch Time Theater series.

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