Mark Cottman

Born and raised in Baltimore, this self taught, award winning artist, favors subjects from figurative to cycling, still life to abstracts and anything else that sits still long enough for him to put on canvas. A father and grand pop, Cottman has many life moments to draw from for the creation of his art.
His experience as a stand-up comedian and poet are evident in the subject matter selected. “Fantasy, love, humor, and deep reflection are the perspectives in which I approach most subjects,” Cottman says, “that’s why I select rich, vibrant and jovial colors then combine them in a very tasteful and unusual way.
In 1999, after a successful career as an architectural engineer, Cottman decided to become a full time artist. He knew that his decision would lead to a more fulfilling existence. Cottman paints by creating stories in his mind, scenarios that help him capture the feeling of the piece. By tapping that raw emotion, he gives his painting its “soul”.
The Mark Cottman Gallery is located in Historic Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD. and features exclusively the art of Mark Cottman. His artwork expresses passion and humor, captures the imagination and inspires the viewer to appreciate Cottman’s vision.
Thanks to all that have supported Mark’s work through the years. He looks forward to seeing you again and meeting new friends

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