FOCUS GROUP: Four Walls, Four Five Women

Presented by Black Artists of DC (BADC)

Featuring work by Jamea Richmond Edwards, Danielle Scruggs, Kristen Hayes, Amber Robles-Gordon

Curated by Zoma Wallace

FOCUS GROUP: Four Walls, Four Five Women seeks to spark a visual discussion between artworks created by Black women and a verbal dialogue between those who view and purchase them. The topic of discussion is material. What are artists using? What materials do they feel drawn to? How does Black femininity affect or reflect itself in the chosen material(s), if at all? How does femininity affect the delivery and/or reception of the message?

The voices of the women artists in this exhibition are heard primarily through material form. Embracing both visual and verbal discussion, FOCUS GROUP: Four Walls, Four Five Women hopes to determine how effectively unique material languages are deciphered/valued/appreciated/acquired by a universal audience and market.

FOCUS GROUP: Four Walls, Four Five Women is the second in a series of collaborations between DC Arts Center and Black Artists of DC. The purpose of Black Artists of DC (BADC) is to create a Black artists community to promote, develop and validate the culture, artistic expressions and aspirations of past and present artists of Black-Afrikan ancestry in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

NOW SHOWING In the DCAC blackbox theater:

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