Body Paint

Stunning Body Painting Artistry
By Diana Adam

I’ve written about tongue tattoos and body piercings here at Bit Rebels, so when I saw this stunning body painting art, I thought it was only fitting to complete the trilogy with yet another form of body artistry.

If you are familiar with body painting, then you know the name Craig Tracy from New Orleans. He is known as one of the best body painting artists in the world. I first learned about this particular artist from a tweet sent by my friend, @phaoloo.

After seeing his work, what struck me the most was the presentation itself. His artistry is beautiful, but after spending up to nine hours painting each body, he takes the process one step further and places the person in a very specific pose to make an inspiring photograph. Sometimes he will also paint a wall or backdrop to add even more detail and depth to the photo.

Craig Tracy has been a painter for over twenty years, painting on every surface imaginable. He admits now that his favorite subject is the human body. The process of deciding what to paint on each body is full of creativity.

He never decides before seeing the body what he will paint, then after seeing the body, he will spend a few days seeing where that image combined with his own creativity takes him in his own imagination. Once the actual painting begins, it is quite involved and time consuming. But, I think you will agree, the end result is breath taking.

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