Fantasia Slammed For Anti-Gay Instagram Rant

Fantasia caused a bit of controversy for some anti-gay comments she made on Instagram Sunday night. The singer, apparently responding to some criticism aimed at her, posted a picture of herself standing on a table saying:

I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERMENT, THE church House…Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you…My Life!!!!

Fanny’s followers wasted no time going in with the insults which ranged from her education level to her relationship with baby daddy Antwaun Cook.

Fanny defended herself by stating:

It has been brought to my attention that something I said was taken out of context. I Fantasia Monique Barrino don’t judge anyone because I don’t want to be judged. The gay community is one of my largest supporters. I support the gay community as well as they support me. Bloggers please stop misrepresenting the facts.

The post was later deleted and her reps went into spin mode and released the following statement:

Comments made by Ms. Barrino through her Instagram account were recently taken far out of context, and the purpose of this release is to set the record straight. Ms. Barrino is not now, nor has she ever been an opponent of the LGBT community. She has supported and performed at numerous events that are sponsored by the LGBT community. Whether it’s through a live performance or placement on social media, Ms. Barrino uses every opportunity to reach out and connect with her fans, all of her fans.

Sometimes it’s best to just keep your fingers off those keys!

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