Danny Quirk’s Body Art Will Creep You Out In A Good Way (PHOTOS)

Scientific illustrator Danny Quirk was just trying to make his girlfriend a Halloween costume when he stumbled upon viral gold.

His stunning anatomical reproductions, made of Sharpie and latex, quickly gained an Internet following, prompting Quirk to draw on his own hand “as a means of self promoting in public,” the illustrator wrote in an e-mail to the Huffington Post.

The anatomical artiste with an eye for the human physique then created a series of paintings that bring our insides into the public view. While the “Body Worlds”-esque works are not for the squeamish, Quirk assured us the illustrations are “not intended to be morbid.” He wrote, “[They’re] about self exploration, and aesthetic education.”

Take a look at Quirk’s body art and anatomical paintings below and let us know if you’d wear your arteries on your sleeve in the comments section.