African American art in Prince George’s County

"Network of Mutuality" at the Art Gallery Credit: The Art Gallery - University of Maryland, College Park


African American art is a constant feature in the cultural scene of Prince George’s County. Currently there are three diverse survey exhibitions of African American art in the county that portray the diversity of black artists and the art that they create.

Convergence: Jazz, Film, and the Visual Arts” at the David C. Driskell Center at the University of Maryland, College Park explores the crosshatching of jazz and the visual arts. Featuring works from the Harlem Renaissance, unknown African origins, and contemporary artists of today this exhibition formulates the thesis that music and the arts have an especially intrinsic relationship when considering the influence of jazz of visual artists.

Diaspora Dialogue: Art of Kwabena Ampofo-Anti, Alexander ‘Skunder’ Bogossian, and Victor Ekpuk” at the University of Maryland University College this exhibition features some of the most visually-stimulating works by some of the most recognizable African artists working in America. With visual cues ranging from representation to abstraction, mask to figure in a variety of mediums including painting, print and sculpture this exhibition provides a broad understanding of contemporary African art and culture.

Network of Mutuality: 50 Years Post-Birmingham” at The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, College Park features works by contemporary artists contending with the racial issues of the Civil Rights Era and today. This exhibition is far from stagnant, with interactive stations throughout the visitor becomes a part of the discussion of race in America then and now.

While all of these exhibitions are found on college campuses these are not simply the efforts of academia to continue scholarship. These exhibitions are meant to be a part of the public discourse of race, culture, and art. Visitors of all ages and backgrounds will find the art meaningful and stimulating.


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