What is Photography All About to Me?

by David J. Carol

I was asked that the other day in a very informal interview situation. Its a great question. I started talking about photographs and how you feel when your photos represent how you see and think and…Then it hit me. Photography to me has been everything. Its not just the photos or the books, though that’s ultimately the brass ring. Its the life…Its the places, Russia, Australia, Iceland, Italy, France, Scotland, Mexico, Costa Rica, The High Arctic, endless places you never thought you would see… the deserts, the small remote islands, rural Turkey, living in Paris, San Francisco and New York. Its the traveling, being on the road for 6 weeks going to every major city in Canada to take photos for the Olympics. Its the people you meet and the friends you make. The artists, the musicians, the CEOs, the photographers, the hotel workers, the cab drivers, all the people, each with an interesting story. Its the foods, the languages, the cultures and the smell of new places. Its the nervous feeling of getting on a plane to go to a place you’ve never been… Its the life in a story you make up in your head when you’re a kid that sounds so cool, and then suddenly you realize its your life. I guess that’s what photography is all about to me. I believe we make our own destiny, but I also know to be grateful and thankful… As corny as it sounds, sometimes I sit back and I’m amazed at all this good stuff that has come to me because I use a camera.

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