I sing for U By Anthony Lewis

Price: $150
I sing for U
By Anthony Lewis

I sing for U- She is a replica of my Middle daughter with her attitude to embrace music. This is 15 years enjoying what she does. $150.00 Original

I am originally from Camden, NJ. born and raised.. I am currently married to a beautiful women of 8years. We also have 3 girls. I am now living in Delaware. I suffer with depression and I needed a way to help cope and art is the best way for me to express myself and relax… I am a self taught artist and only have been painting with Oil and Acrylic for 2 months. I love it.. I also love charcoal and pastels… I am trying to sell my artwork and give a message at the same time… I hope you enjoy my art and let me know what you honestly think…. Peace…

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