Queen of Winter by Marcella Hayes Muhammad

queen of winter

Queen of Winter
by Marcella Muhammad
Offset Print – Open Edition
Size 16″ x 20″

Marcella Muhammad is a master painter who, in over 35 years experience, has been recognized for her elegant, sophisticated and excitingly colorful style. Marcella works primarily with oils on canvas but uses pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media when the work demands.

Marcella Muhammad’s art is noted for its smooth, clean application of oil, often so thin that one can see the warm, natural texture of the canvas underneath, which produces a marrying of color and natural texture that she enjoys. Much like Picasso, Marcella has mastered various techniques allowing her to bring to the viewer a variety of moods, emotions, and beauty she sees in every day life. Whether realistic, abstract or graphic, Marcella Muhammad’s clean, colorful detail is distinctive.

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