Diga-Brazil Commercial


Diga-Brazil offers bed and breakfast style accommodations in Bahia, Brazil. Offering a Bilingual host, and a local Bahian chef to prepare breakfast and lunch daily. http://www.digabrazil.com

Where Brazil was born: Salvador, Bahia. Diga Brazil is excited to introduce you to the magical city of Salvador located just thirteen degrees below the equator along the beautiful Northeast coastline of Brazil.

Brazil’s original capital city, Salvador is over 500 years old and is Brazil’s cultural and historical center. Salvador is best known as host to Brazil’s largest street party, Carnaval! Come dance with Brazil’s hottest music groups as they parade along the oceanfront and in the colonial style streets of the Old City. With its deep Afro-Brazilian roots, Brazil’s third largest city is the cradle of the martial arts-dance, “capoeira” as well as the uniquely Afro-Brazilian religion, “candomble”.