SOLD – Loves me… Loves me not … by Thom de Jong

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Loves me… Loves me …
by Thom de Jong
Aquatint Etching, signed and numbered in pencil
Size 22″ x 30″ Approx
Edition 200

Thom de Jong was born in 1940 in Amsterdam and died at the age of 48 in 1988. He lived in Amsterdam and New York where he made paintings and graphical work. His graphical work was mainly relief prints with a few lithograph and silkscreen prints. Relief printing is a unique and labor-intensive way of working, but it shows Thom de Jong’s unique and personal style. In this way, an extensive oeuvre was created that was sold in many exhibitions and galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Paris, and Copenhagen. His work is found in many museums and private collections and represents the seventies and eighties in a cheerful and relative way.

Relief printing (woodcut, wood engraving, linotype, blindstamp) – This technique in the 70s and 80s was more popular in America than in Europe, but Thom used it in his own personal way. The relief prints were made by first drawing on a Perspex plate and then sawing the plate until a puzzle of little pieces was created. Using the electric saw is a very difficult process. If he went too slow, the plastic would melt which resulted in a bad line. If he went to fast, he could easily miss the drawing line. Every piece was then inked with rollers and reassembled. The whole puzzle was put together, covered with a sheet of paper, and then put through an etching press. You can feel the relief in the print which is where the technique “Relief Print” got its name. It’s a time consuming and difficult technique which yielded only a few prints per day. This technique, his hard work, and amazing creativity resulted in a huge amount of about 240 different prints.

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