Transcendental by Keith Fondren


Price: $9,000
by Keith Fondren
Mixed Medium

Size 48″ x 96″ Approx

 I’m a dedicated talented individual who chose to develop and further my creative career objectives, by taking full advantage of my college education at C.C.S. Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design. I started as a glass major, under Prof. Herb Babcock; Glass Master. He introduced me the magnificent world of glass. Such as blown, electroplating, pate de vere, fusing and slumping. Tom Phardel Master Ceramist, whom art work is in most museums, opened my mind to the beauty of clay. After years of studying under Prof. Sue Limburg Master Painter, Prof. Jay Holland Master Sculptor my cup was overflowing. I had grown past my own expectations. 

Incorporating everything I had learned into my own visual concepts, I developed professional excellence, maturity and originality. My social and intellectual strength grew as well. Thorough observation of form, volume, shape, motion, space, and patterns, has given me a creative unhampered articulation of a concept. My strong ideas are well targeted and executed. This makes them dramatic, memorable and persuasive. Sensitivity and that rare precious ability to bring form to the formless and life to the lifeless, has been my journey as an artist. 

When my children where all grown, I decided to move back home to my Grandfather’s 63 acre farm in Mississippi. While here I have had the opportunity to meditate and think as an artist. My art has become distinct, innovative, simple, sophisticated with technical perfection. My latest collections of work are examples of perfected strong ideas which are well executed.

Offered at $9,000


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