SOLD – Hand Painted Chalkboard Mug

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Hand Painted by Various Artists
11 oz Mug

You get the mug, chalk and burlap mug bag with tag.

We carry a full line of hand painted chalkboard mugs.
Start your day off right with an artful coffee mug made just for you.

The Chalkboard Coffee Mug features a special glaze that turns its entire treated surface into a completely usable chalkboard.
Not only can you write on it with chalk, but it erases easily.

These are super cute and creative chalkboard mugs. Each mug is on a new or recycled ceramic / porcelain mug that has been hand painted with chalkboard paint. So mugs have hand painted designs others have cute little notes. Others come with wrapped burlap string and a burlap bow. They are the perfect gift for any occasion and holiday.
* *Please hand wash with warm soapy water. Not recommended for dishwasher.

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