Who We Are – WEPAINT



My name is. Javitta Brockington, creator of “Renee James A.R.T. Group.” We are a team of Artist that host events, programs, and projects centered around “Wepaint.” A group painting creation process in which we work together to produce a masterpiece!

Starting in 2008 I began a journey to explore who I am, find where I belong, and decide where I was going. With a focus on building “CommUnity”; through a collaborative approach, “Plural Art,” we Connect, Converse, and Create with many to capture the artistic expression of our culture as a whole, thus displaying it as one.
Fortunately, people have responded well to my approach to selling art. A unique commission service that allows clients to book for group gatherings, parties, and events and collectively inspire an original work of art! Don’t Watch. Be Apart of it! Having accommodated group sizes 2 to 500; people, businesses, and organizations own a WEPAINT Original painting. After all, there’s “Always a Right Time” to paint! Connecting to everyday situations and celebrations and capturing the moment on canvas drives the purpose that “everyone has something to offer.”
WEPAINT to encourage your passion for art and forging memories that are both creative and enduring.

The absence of community is the absence of a Listening ear, a Place to belong, a People to affirm who you are, and the Support needed to bring forth your gifts. Driven by process; wecreate with reason, weimagine with hope, and weachieve with purpose.
Our Mission is to provide non- judgmental environments for collaborative expression to increase human value through the creation of art!

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