The Worst Sight (Female) by WAK – Kevin A. Williams

The Worst Sight (Female) 
WAK – Kevin A. Williams
Limited Edition /850
Signed and Numbered Lithograph 

Size: 25″ x 28″ Approx

Kevin A. Williams’ art is widely circulated fine art. Diverse in its themes, the art is painted by Williams in mixed mediums, and then produced in limited edition quantities. Williams also creates a number of commissioned works annually.

As the best-selling artist in the African-American print market, Williams is a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African-American groups and major international events, including the Essence Music Festival. His art has been featured on television’s Law & Order (NBC) and Soul Food (Showtime).

Kevin A. Williams recent years have included commissioned work for celebrities, such as televisions host and movie producer Oprah Winfrey and comedian Bernie Mac, as well as corporate clients. He formed SoulVisions in May 2003.

A closeup of eye detail will appear in the bottom right border of the print

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