Sweet Harvest by Charles Bibbs

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Price $400  OBO
Title: Sweet Harvest
Artist: Charles Bibbs
Size: 34 x 26


Limited Edition Giclee
Edition size 400
Ships within 3 business days.

Charles Bibbs is without doubt the most successful and well-known artist in the Black art print market. The best-selling African American artist is a major influence on and has mentored many younger artists over the years and has received recognition for both his art and his philanthropy. His work is featured in museums, galleries, organizations, and homes of many collectors. His work which is instantly recognizable displays a deep sense of Spirituality, Majesty, Dignity, Strength and Grace in his images.

Born in San Pedro, California, and raised in Harbor City, California, Bibbs managed to work an eight-hour job, and use his God-given talent in his spare time. But In 1991, Bibbs decided to leave his management position of 25 years, to form his own publishing and distribution company, B Graphics and Fine Arts, Inc. Today, Bibbs is one of the top-selling artists in the country, and his company has grown to be one of the leaders in the African American art print market.

Bibbs strongly believe that we are the “Keepers of our Culture,” and as such, have spent much of his time serving on boards of museums and art organizations to support the art community. He has lectured, and conducted panels and workshops in major cities, including the Charles Wright African American Museum in Detroit, Urban League of Pittsburg and the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. He has a sincere passion for supporting the youth, and as such, has mentored, taught and conducted numerous workshops for young aspiring artists.


Name: Pamela Jackson
Email: prettylady69yes@gmail.com
Phone: 617-463-8853


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