SOLD – Together by Arvid Lee


by Arvid Lee
Original Stained-glass 
Size: 25″ x 17″ Approx

Arvid Lee is a Washington, DC-based stained-glass artist and the founder of stained-glass business In His Image. Lee’s glasswork stemmed from geometric doodling that he found did not work on paper. When he saw a stained -lass window, he realized his artistry and calculations would fit best in that format. He uses this medium to create unexpected and thought-provoking line patterns and color combinations.

Much of the imagery in Lee’s glasswork is inspired by his African American heritage and captures the dynamic images of people, places and things through the transformative effects of light and color. He is especially inspired by the people around him including his family and believes that stained glass parallels life in its everchanging nature. 
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