SOLD – Bahiana Yellow  by William Araujo

Bahiana Yellow
by William Araujo
Original Acrylic on Canvas

Size 36″ x 29″ Approx

William Araujo born in  Bahia, Brazil on 1959, studied Fine Arts at the Federal University of Bahia.
He has already produced paintings for the whole world for 20 years.
Have had exhibition in Barcelona, also Salvador, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro , Brazil/.

“I’m mixed race, I’m root, I’m Paiaiá …”

“The Indian is seen by society as an animal without a soul. For they know that the soul is in the expression shown by the muscles of the face, combined with light and shadow. Captured by the eyes and reflected by the light, fed by oxygen. Result of photosynthesis produced by trees that are being felled to feed greed and destroying the vital resources for our soul.
All this combined with beauty.” William Araujo.

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