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Diga Brazil would like to offer you the opportunity to experience Brazilian culture first hand.


    • Art Gallery Tour: Take a trip through the creativity of Brazilian artist through some of the most popular galleries in the city of Salvador, Bahia Brazil.
    • Atlantic Rainforest Walking Tour: The Camurugipe Reserve is a sanctuary for the most important tracts of first-growth Atlantic rainforest on Bahia’s north shore. Centuries-old trees coexist with sloths, peccaries and parrots. After journeying through a stretch of rainforest, we will hike along trails through the forest to the crystal-clear waters of the Açu River. On the way you will be enchanted by the size of the trees and their giant vines, the bromeliads and fern palms that grow everywhere. At the river the chance to take a refreshing dip cannot be missed. With luck, we may even see a sloth climbing through the tree canopy
    • Bale Folclorico da Bahia: This exuberant show should most definitely not be missed by anybody coming to Bahia! It is an elegant, breathtakingly athletic exhibition of Afro-Bahian beauty and prowess, and in the small theater the audience almost melds into the space through which the dancers fly.
    • Capoeira Class: This distinctly Afro-Brazilian art form blends the discipline of martial arts with fluidity and beauty of dance. Learn the history, music and basic movements of this dynamic keystone of Bahian culture. This is open to all ages and athletic abilities.
    • Cigar Farm Tour: If your curious about where cigars come from or a fan of cigars you will love this tour
    • City tour: Take a trip around the “magical” city of Salvador. This 500-year-old city is rich in Brazilian as well as African history. As the original capital city of Brazil, Salvador’s historic center is filled with grand treasures such as more than 365 churches. Find out about this and more on the city tour.
    • Community Craft and Farmer’s Market Shopping Tour: Very different than any shopping you have ever experienced and unique items you will only see while in Bahia, Brazil.
    • Community Tour: TheColetivo deMulheres doCalafate is a women´s collective, based in a community in San Martins. They were formed as a movement to protect women against domestic violence and have since grown to run projects promoting health issues and classes in capoeira, massage and cookery courses. The women also produce arts and crafts for sale. The Community Tour involves a visit to the Casa daMemória – which gives a history of thebairro and the movement. We then go on a short, guided walk through the neighborhood to the Coletivo’s building where the guests can take part in a capoeira or afro-brazilian dance class. We stop for a refreshments and Q & A with the local young guides and community leaders. There’s also a chance to see and purchase products made by the
    • Cooking Demonstration Class: Learn how to prepare traditional Bahian dishes from scratch. The chef will teach you how to create the unique culinary delights that define Salvador’s rich history and culture. Get ready to bring home the best recipes for Moqueca, Feijoada, Caruru, Acaraje, and Caipirinha.
    • Custom Jewelry Shopping Tour: Specialty stones, metals and settings many exotic items discovered, created or handmade in Bahia, Brazil.
    • Diga Brazil Cruise around the Bay: Join us on a daylong trip around the bay while we use the ocean as our swimming pool and the beach as our dinning room. Find out why the Portuguese picked this harbor to set up base for their new colony. Relax, dance, eat and swim (maybe not swim right after eating) in the All Saints Bay.
    • Drumming class: Brazil is home to some of the world’s best drummers and Salvador’s African influence adds extra flavor. Join us in the drum circle and learn how to play like Carlinhos Brown and Timbalada. You will learn rhythms like samba reggae, afoxe and xote which will give you a better understanding of the cultural history of Bahia. And you’ll have fun while you’re at it!
    • Golf: Take a ride and enjoy to some of the best golfing in South America.
    • Ile Aiye Music Show: Go to the neighborhood who’s name “Liberdade” (means Freedom) says it all. These shows are in the middle of this culturally rich neighborhood, which boast high retention of African art and cultural influences.
    • Manicure and pedicure: Flip-flops and sandals are a must in the summer heat of Salvador. Take advantage of manicure and pedicures so your toes and fingers look and feel as good as you do!
    • Massage: Nothing says vacation like “massage”. After days of sun and nights of samba, our bodies will be pushed to their limits. Sign up for massages now and count the days until that relaxing hour.
    • Portuguese class: Yes you have a bilingual host, but hopefully you will find that you will want to taste Brazil on your own. A few key phases from a book are cool, but if no one can understand your pronunciation or those words have different meanings from region to region, you might have real funny stories to tell later on. During your first couple of days in Brazil we will be offering classes featuring basic phrases and questions. The instructor can also help you pronounce those phrases in the bookyou bought last week. You can also email phrases that you would like translated and the instructor will have those ready for you.

    • Restaurant Tour: Dine on authentic Bahian food as well as traditional Brazilian cuisine in Salvador’s best restaurants. This is a great chance to sample the cuisine of restaurant that you might not find in your travel guide or on the concierge’s list.
    • Samba Lessons: Quiz: What are the three most important things in Brazil? Carnaval, soccer, and SAMBA! We are going to bring you one of Salvador’s best samba instructors. She will teach you the basic steps that men and women perform. After class you may not be a professional but at lest you wont have to rely on the “gringo shake”.


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