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Art To Consider 

The Worst Sight (Male) by WAK – Kevin A. Williams
Malcolm X by Al Todd
Restoration, Male by Edwin Lester
Purple Nebula by David Lawrence
Daddy by Cassandra Gillens
Caring For Grandma by Leon McDuffie
Basic Black #5 by Cal Massey
My Protector by Laurie Cooper
African Sculpture 2 by Arvid Lee
Happy Hannah by Michele Foster-Lucas
Basic Black #1 by Cal Massey
Girlfriends by Ernie Barnes
Stephanie by Andrew Turner
Aretha Franklin on Canvas
Malcolm X by Al Todd
The Reunion by Frank Frazier
The Drum Major by Ernie Barnes
SOLD – Carnival One by Laurie Cooper
Green Eyes and Blue Lips by Frank Stephens
Simulacra by Omenihu Amachi
My Cup Runneth Over by Annie Lee
The Advocate by Ernie Barnes
SOLD – Together by Arvid Lee
Masquerades At Red Earth by Omenihu Amachi
Big Girl by Kennard Copeland
Face Reality Female by Laurie Cooper
Steppin’ Out by Michele Foster-Lucas
Hope for Tomorrow by Arvid Lee
Nude with Drapery II Anthony Armstrong
Nos Outros One by Raimundo Carvalho
Iansa by Luide Araújo 
A Walk in Faith  by Ernie Barnes
I’ll Be Glad When This Is Over by Arvid Lee
Bahia by Luide Araujo
Growing Passion by Laurie Cooper
Angel by Michele Foster-Lucas
Kolanut Presentation by Omenihu Amachi
Lauren’s Moods by Samuel R. Byrd
2021 Monthly Wall Calendar by Ernie Barnes
Outros Rembrandt by Leila Ullmann
SOLD – Dancers  by Jeffrey Glenn Reese
Heritage by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha
Cooool Papa Bell by Kadir Nelson
Woman on Porch Swing Gigi Boldon
Blackened Punu Mask
Soul Mates by John Holyfield
Nature by Leila Ullmann
African Mask – Fang
Trouble Them Waters by Edwin Lester
The Cosmos In Within by David Lawrence
Red Rose by Lashun Beal
Got Lemons  by Annie Lee
A View From The Garden  by Michele Foster-Lucas
Cosmic Jammin by David Lawrence
African Mask 4 by Arvid Lee
Black Baby Boomers
Two Women by James Denmark
SOLD – Eletricity One by Laurie Cooper
Open Sea by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha
Delta Diva by Laurie Cooper
Reflection by Michael C. Gibson
Tamika by Sam Byrd
SOLD – Legs by Jeffrey Glenn Reese
The Man II by Michele Foster-Lucas
Wailing by Bernard Hoyes
Winner by Samuel R. Byrd
Little by Leila Ullmann
Christ Teaching by Omenihu Amachi
Pads to Palette by Ernie Barnes (Book)
Angel in Heaven by Laurie Cooper
Nos Outros by Raimundo Carvalho 
Double Dutch by Ernie Barnes
Free Yourself by Edwin Lester
We are One with the Universe by David Lawrence
Hands On by Willie Torbert
Praying for Him by Laurie Cooper
Annie Lee 6 (Assorted)  Prints
Wise and Foolish Virgins by Omenihu Amachi
Stained by WAK – Kevin A. Williams
We the People by Michele Foster-Lucas
Red Rope Punu Mask
Alone by Jeffrey Glenn Reese
Bal Negre by Paul Colin
Fruitful by LaShun Beal
Give and Take (Male) by Laurie Cooper
SOLD – Man of the Year by Don Stephens
Oxum by Luide Araújo 
Struttin by Cbabi Bayoc
Eletricity  by Laurie Cooper
Boaters One by Omenihu Amachi
Acidity by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha
Let’s Dance by Arvid Lee
Black Space by Laurie Cooper
Miles by Samuel R. Byrd
SOLD – Sunday by Don Stephens
Masai Woman by David Lawrence – Hand Embellished by Artist
Face Reality by Laurie Cooper
African Lilies by WAK – Kevin A. Williams
Love One Another by Michele Foster-Lucas
Marketplace Diva by Albert Fennell
Heart and Soul by Albert Fennell
Bonita Lookin’ at You – Purple
Malcolm X by Samuel R. Byrd
O Velho Lobo do Mar by Leila Ullmann
Peixes by Luide Araújo
The Lord Two by Don Stephens
Saint Anthony by Luide Araujo
Uptown, Downtown  by Ernie Barnes
Homecoming by Ernie Barnes
Journey to the Stargate by David Lawrence
Lady in Hat Three by Raymond Doward
Lady Marmalade by Arvid Lee
Humility by Kadir Nelson
Roots & Rhythm by Bernard Hoyes
The Philosopher by Reba Dickerson
 Main Street Pool  by Ernie Barnes
Taje Thoughts by Samuel R. Byrd
Great Horn Section by Samuel R. Byrd
Ndebele by Kennard Copeland
Fisherman by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha