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Need an art appraisal?

Here is why you might need an appraisal
Certificates of Reasonable Value (CRV)

For insurance purposes.
Perhaps you might be considering a sale of your art.
You might donate your art to an individual or organization.

The Certificate of Reasonable Value (CRV) for the art listed is the written opinion from the October Gallery’s knowledge and experience in the African American Art market since 1985. The Gallery has built a solid reputation through years of practical experience and education in this field of interest.

CRVs are also based on photographs, images, written literature and other verbal and written information supplied by the client. Additional information, not shown on these certificates, may have been taken into consideration to properly prepare these certificates.  Please note, no framing value is included in these evaluations, only the artwork is considered in the appraisals.

Certificates of reasonable value are issued as an estimate of value. Considerable research has been conducted to assure accuracy, however no guaranties are given or implied. All values are in US currency.

 *Marketable Cash Value is the fair market value someone might obtain when offering or selling their art or art related item to a wholesaler, gallery, dealer or at auction. It is also the consideration typically that a government tax agency might recognize as the tax deductible amount were the item donated to a charitable group or organization.

**Replacement Value would be considered the retail price or dollar amount someone might reasonably pay to buy or purchase the art or art related item from a dealer, gallery, store, etc. This value is also the amount one might consider in the event of loss, for insurance and damage claims or for division of property.

Here is what we charge.

$25 per electronic CRV
Appraisal(s) will be emailed to you – pdf format.
If you need a hard copy – printed and sent postal mail- $100 per CRV.

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