October Gallery Museum

We place art in the community.

Our Mission.

October Gallery Museum installs and places art, prints and posters in schools, recreation/cultural centers, business offices, universities, grocery stores and more within the community. Art is to be experienced at many levels everyday. It is just as important as the drug store, the gas station, the food market. 

Placing art throughout the community is the goal of the museum. These walls are installed for FREE.

Please DONATE to support this effort. Art programs have all but disappeared from the public school systems throughout the nation. This is an effort to bring some artistic expression & education back.

FREE POSTER WALL COLLAGE for schools and recreation/cultural centers

Click button above to sign up for poster walls. Send us an email with contact information and location or Call 215-352-3114

Visit the Museum’s Website
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Visit the Museum’s Website
Make a Donation

Each poster is mounted on 3/16 foam board with picture hanging
adhesive strips or tape on the back. Posters are 11″ x 17″.

Black Women Rock – 12 posters

Black Men Rock – 12 posters

All Quotes – 12 posters

All Quotes 2 – 12 posters

Mixed – some Spanish and Portuguese panels – 24 posters

24 posters with 6 side posters

Posters are 11″ x 17″ except the side posters which are approximately 22″ x 28″. All posters are child friendly. Posters may vary depending on inventory. We can provide posters for small, medium or large walls.

Poster Walls Provided by October Gallery Museum

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