Fortitudes – Aunt Shirley Quotes

Strength in the face of adversity or difficult Inspirational Quotes and sayings from Aunt Shirley
Edited by Mercer A. Redcross III
Dear family and friends, herein are many fortitudes (the origin of many, now unknown to me) that have  been guideposts for me as I fulfill my destiny.

They have sustained me, enabling me to savor as well as weather life’s vicissitudes.

I hope for you they will be fortitudes and not just platitudes. Pass on those that are fortitudes for you.

Peace, Love, Hope and Joy
Shirley Redcross Rhone

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In editing this book the editor realized that some of these sayings may be variations of African proverbs, old Black sayings, quotes from the Bible, and everyday quotations. There is no attempt to claim these quotes and/or sayings in this book.

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