Gabe Tiberino

Gabe explains he had no choice but to become an artist. “From the time I was born I lived in an environment erupting with a multitude of artist and creativity.” After attending the High School for Creative and Performing Arts, he became a student at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. There, in May of 2005, he received his certificate and won the award for the Best Figurative Painter in the Student Exhibition. In 2008 PAFA bought his painting, “Tioga Street” for their permanent collection. Since 1998, he has been a part of the Mural Arts Program where everyone in the city and especially the visitors can see and experience his inspiration on a grand scale. “It is important that my art resonate immediately with people, in their hearts and in their minds. For this reason, I will continue to paint for the rest of my life.” Moe Brooker, one of Philadelphia’s most recognized artists both nationally and internationally, says of Gabe. “His talent as an artist is far more mature than his years. He is young, yet he handles paint like a much older painter. His insight, visually, is beyond his years. I think you are going to hear a great deal from him in years to come.”  Written by Sande Webster

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