Joyce Lomax

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Love of art came early to Joyce Lomax who spent her childhood in Akron Ohio . As a child, Joyce found herself drawing and painting and always exploring her creative expression. The money was not there to support Joyce’s formal training in art so she did what many of her forefathers did; she self-taught!

Joyce explored many mediums before she embraced her pressed copper paintings and ceramic work. Her art is very earthy with a primitive flare depicting characters and experiences in her African American environment. Some of her depictions are lighthearted with a bit of humor.

A love of color, stories and expressing herself in mixed media is an accurate summary of Joyce’s work. She and or her art can be found at many cultural events in and outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Joyce has won several awards: Afr’ Am Show in Norfork, Virginia-2004 and South Dekalb Heritage Festival Palette Award 2003.

“It is a privilege for me to create and share with you similar experiences; for me, art is about the ability to express feelings through the chosen medium hopefully someone gets it… I will continue to explore!”~Joyce

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