Dancing on Top of the World by Kathleen A. Wilson


Dancing on Top of the World by Kathleen A. Wilson
Limited Edition Lithograph Signed and Numbered
Edition 950
Size: 15″ x 24″ Approx



“Art of the Spirit” records my life journey, a dance with God and Art. Creating art, whether painting, drawing, drafting, sculpting, print making or designing graphics, is my way of touching that spiritual place within my soul where tangible beauty exists. I am prompted by the Great Creative Spirit within me, who provides the spark. Each step is in search of that which already exists. It waits to be revealed. It is hidden within.

I often look back in wonder at the wonderous works of my hands. I have captured a trustworthy family, a brilliant community, secrets of nature, sacred moments, wild abstracts of pure mood, stillness and gracefulness. Ultimately, I love to hear the silent whispers that speak back to me in a loud voice saying,”well done.”


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