Motion by Patrishe Sanders


Motion by Patrishe Sanders
Original Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 48″ x 48″ Approx


Patrishe sanders.  First thing’s first  I lived in Philadelphia  most of my life of  most of time in west.  I graduated from  overbrook  back in 02
I started out doing  at back when I was  younger 12  or 13  all I did draw cartoons. Like  bugs Bunny thing I saw on tv  that  kind of got me in comics so drew an lot that . I started painting back when I was high school to  . I use go in lunch room with pen and pad  drawing girl in the  room just  for  practice sometimes  lol  I did take some side classes  just to help me  out  with  get better anatomy most time  in high school .  So   I took to Saturday class at Academy of fine art
It was fun it got of homework lol  and expose me to  people like myself  in other part of city  and sometimes form  out   I like that   It just me an difficult perspective  on life. After high school I went to school again it took about a year after I graduated, but I went to school again. Well, that was a new experience. I met people from all over the place. The crazy part about it was  a nobody was from Philly but they were always so good at what they did  and just seeing that sometimes helps me go because sometimes being in one place all your life your aunt, seeing some of the exact same people. You’ve been wanting to see how you stacked up in the outside world‘s, and I like the fact I didn’t have to put on a persona because everybody was there for exact same reason I was, and that felt good and made me put my guard down for the first time really Lol  that was some fun times. I graduated from there. An 07. After that, I just kept on ticking.  Tap on doing work. While trying to do work.  My work changes based on some of the experience that I go through and times in my life.  I like listening to music.I use that to give me some energy. But some of those things that brought me to this point is some of the stuff that went on for the past two years. The pandemic, the zombie apocalypse.  I didn’t get bit. I’m still here. I used to always work in my room but during that time.   Being cooped up in the house too much made the wall start closing on me. So I was taking spray paint and going outside instead of just tagging on walls under bridges. I didn’t know what I was doing but I just liked it. I got better at it. And I started using that. In the work I did.  Truthfully, I just like using different techniques and ways to express myself. I don’t care if it’s a pencil or brush. A key card.   Are my hands.   I just want to feel what I’m doing. I just want to feel what I’m doing. Well that’s it for.