SOLD – Shaded by Edwin Lester

Shaded by Edwin Lester
Giclee Open Edition Print Framed
24 x 36

Edwin Lester is a self taught artist from Philadelphia who has taken the ethnic art world by storm. His spiritual concept is unique and Edwin Lester’s African-American art work will convey a message that is evident in every stroke.  Edwin Lester doesn’t necessarily consider himself a spiritual or concept artist, he has stated that he likes to  paint images which are a part of his everyday life. God, love, simply living trying to be the best he can at what ever he is trying to accomplish that day. Edwin Lester is a man that loves what he does and can simply reflect on the joy of life. “I just love what I do and when I walk out into the world each day, there is so much to see, so much to paint. For tomorrow is not promised. So today I will say what I can, do as I must and paint what I can even if it’s just one stroke.”