Zoom Meetings/Seminars

October Gallery is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Every Saturday 3 PM

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Our discussions stem from the book “Connecting People with Art”

Topics include:
The State of African-American Art
Featured artists of the week
The Art of Health – Vegan Dining
Book Readings
Artful Videos
Collecting Black Art
The Art of Auctions
Why Black Art is Important
The Art of Finance
and more

Art Auction at 3:45 and 4:30 during the Zoom Meeting.
We will auction off several (3 or 4) pieces of art. Let’s have some fun!
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Connecting People with Art – Second Edition

by Evelyn Redcross and Mercer A. Redcross III

First Edition Published 2006 – 500 pages

Second Edition published 2020 – 600 pages – Hardcover.

Click here for more info. Book is available at this link – Hardcover, eBook and Soft Cover.
Some of the artists and patrons in the book will be available during the Zoom Book Meeting.

This book is a written account of what October Gallery (OG) means to us. We attempted to unfold the saga of how OG evolved over time. In addition we queried patrons and artists alike: “What is the value of African American art to you?” Their personal responses, interesting and insightful, are included throughout our story. Both our national and international patrons and artists have witnessed (first hand) the creation and development of the African American art industry, which prior to the 1970s was almost non-existent.

This group of patrons and artists are part of what we call BlackStream Renaissance”. Most African American artists market and exhibit in the African American community. Successful African American art festivals and expos, where artists sell and exhibit, recognize the importance of marketing to this special community. It is in this community where the strength and the value of African American art begins.

It is this community that has provided the foundation for Blackstream Renaissance. It is this community that has given us the content, the material, the stories for Connecting People with Art. This book recognizes the pioneers of Blackstream Renaissance.

Mercer Redcross III graduated from Cheyney University with a BS in Economics. Then, he earned a Masters of Business Administration from Eastern University.

.Evelyn Redcross graduated from Temple University with a BS in Psychology. Then she earned a Masters in Journalism from Temple University.

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Search for:

Art To Consider 

Got Lemons  by Annie Lee
Girlfriends by Andrew Turner
Winner by Samuel R. Byrd
Great Horn Section by Samuel R. Byrd
Jazz Quintet by Justin Bua
Our Roots Run Deep by Arvid Lee
Natural Woman Too by Andrew Nichols
Laurie Cooper New Six (Assorted) Posters/Prints
Da Last Suppa by Arvid Lee
Family Colors by Charles Bibbs
Daddy’s Love by Cbabi Bayoc
SOLD – Haitian Woman by Bijoux
Bambara Female Standing Figure
Solid Rock Congregation by Ernie Barnes
Celebrate by Arvid Lee
Brighter Days Ahead by Arvid Lee
Malcolm X by Al Todd
SOLD – Lady in Red by Laurie Cooper
Oxum by Luide Araújo 
Caring For Grandma by Leon McDuffie
Sitting Ballerina by Henry C. Porter
Words Cant by Jeffrey Glenn Reese
Malcolm X by Al Todd
Meeting at Maybelle by Andrew Turner Signed by Artist
Little Girl by Andrew Turner
Captains by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha
Heritage by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha
SOLD – Shona Serpentine Woman with Dreads
Black Wall Street: Destruction by Thomas Williams
Mother Six (Assorted) Posters/Prints for $35
SOLD – Eletricity  by Laurie Cooper
Painting the Town Red with Elegance by Frank Morrison
Stephanie by Andrew Turner
Gift by Luide Araújo
Our Reality by Laurie Cooper
Iemanja by Ed Ribeiro
Fruitful by LaShun Beal
AKA by Laurie Cooper
O Velho Lobo do Mar by Leila Ullmann
Wooden Cross 
Equal Rights by Anthony Armstrong
Head Over Heels by Ernie Barnes
Kamala Harris Phenomenal Woman
I’ll Be Glad When This Is Over by Arvid Lee
Harvest by Leila Ullmann
Don’t Shot by Jeffrey Glenn Reese
Growing Passion by Laurie Cooper
Rhythms by Michele Foster-Lucas
His Effort by Ernie Barnes
Fine Tune by Edwin Lester
Malcolm X by Samuel R. Byrd
Benin Bronze Plague
On the Shoulders of Queens by Frank Morrison
The Man II by Michele Foster-Lucas
Abstract Garden by Sanaa
Iansa by Luide Araújo 
Nude with Drapery  Anthony Armstrong
Happy Hannah by Michele Foster-Lucas
Nos Outros by Raimundo Carvalho 
Think on Good Things by Michele Foster-Lucas
The View by Ernie Barnes
The Maestro by Ernie Barnes
Still Looking by Laurie Cooper
Double Dutch by Ernie Barnes
Five Deep by Willie Torbert
SOLD – Bonita Lookin’ at You – Purple
Abstract  by Samuel Byrd
Eye Music by Gordon Parks
Still On My Mind by WAK – Kevin A. Williams
My Hair Ain’t Did by Arvid Lee
Band by Marivaldo Santos
Mask Four by Laurie Cooper
Nature by Leila Ullmann
Delta Diva by Laurie Cooper
Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes
SOLD – Sunday by Don Stephens
Bronze Punu Mask
Orange on Sky by Sanaa 
Xango by Ed Ribeiro
Shona Grey Serpentine Woman Bust
Dogon Primorial House Post
Annie Lee Charm Bracelet
Struttin by Cbabi Bayoc
 Main Street Pool  by Ernie Barnes
SOLD – Flute Player by Andrew Turner
Mask Four by Laurie Cooper
AKA by Laurie Cooper
SOLD – Kiss by William Tolliver
Trumpet I  by Arvid Lee
Ring Around The Rosie by Ernie Barnes
Acidity by Caburé – Marcos Silva Rocha
SOLD – Bonita Lookin’ at You – Red
African Sculpture 2 by Arvid Lee
Lauren’s Moods by Samuel R. Byrd
Black Family  by Charles Bibbs
Each One, Teach One by Ernie Barnes
Nude Woman  by John Holyfield
African Lilies by WAK – Kevin A. Williams
I See the Rhythm of a New World by Michele Wood
Lost Thoughts by Samuel R. Byrd
In the Groove by Don Stephens
Words of Wisdom by Melinda Byers
SOLD – Africanidade by Leila Ullmann
The Red Umbrella II by Charles Bibbs
Face Reality by Laurie Cooper
The Journey by Andrew Nichols
SOLD – School Bell Time by Romare Bearden
Precious by Frank Morrison
Angel by Michele Foster-Lucas
Red Rose by Lashun Beal
Springboard by Ernie Barnes
Rose by Laurie Cooper
Humility by Kadir Nelson
Come Sunday by Ernie Barnes
Shona Serpentine Standing Figure
Red Rose by Michele Foster-Lucas
Freedom by Frank Morrison
Steppin’ Out by Michele Foster-Lucas
Orion Nebula by David Lawrence
Laurie Cooper New Six V (Assorted) Posters/Prints