‘Blackboard Wars’ Season Finale: Art Saves Homeless Teen Allen Lefort’s Life (VIDEO)


Life in New Orleans is rough. Eighteen-year-old John McDonogh High School student Allen Lefort ended up homeless after a series of struggles — his father’s overdose and his brother’s death among them. In this clip from the season finale of “Blackboard Wars,” Lefort, after a suicide attempt and an intervention from school principal Dr. Marvin Thompson, opens up about how art has saved him.

“I got into art by my older brother, but he died… and I just took up on what he was doing,” explains Lefort in the clip. “When I do art, it comes from my mind just free. Mellow. It’s like I go into another world.”

As to art and the effect it will have on his future, Lefort has this to say: “This is more than a dream; this is my life right here. This is my way out.”

The season finale of “Blackboard Wars” airs Saturday, March 23, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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