Iemanja by Ed Ribeiro

by Ed Ribeiro
Original Mixed Media on Board
Size: 48″ x 36″ Approx

‘To speak of the work of the artist ED RIBEIRO, it is very important to create a direct relationship not only with Nature, but with the Forces of nature. It is also talking about rare talent and profound sensitivity, because when we talk about the art of the people, the things that the people identify with, it really is in the true sense of the word: the people are all of us, they are the people who walk on the streets, who are in the bus lines, searching for, and interacting with the city.

ED RIBEIRO is one of these talents, a very rare case of an artist who started painting at the age of 52. This is very significant, because it shows a deep and total need for creation. An immense search for transformation and expression, as if it were a call, a greater force that seeks the artist and takes him away from his normal activities, to lead him to the craft of the Arts.

Paintings that depict the magical and mysterious world of CANDOMBLÉ.
Very important for Brazilian culture and for the cultural formation of our country. Brazil, if it does not show all its cultural roots and matrixes, will not be Brazil.

ED RIBEIRO gives us a great contribution, for understanding in depth all the connection of religion. It is Art, with the sensitivity of our people. And this valorization of Brazilian culture, through the countless cultural manifestations, that we will, more and more, have the universal dimension of what Brazilian Art is and what is the work of this artist, who besides seeing all the things of a unique and INNOVATIVE way of painting, because, surprisingly, he doesn’t use a brush, he doesn’t use his fingers, he doesn’t use his hand. He does all his work SPILLING THE INKS and moving the canvas, creating images with details and with the strength of a great work.

We are always thrilled when we look at the work of this great innovative artist. ‘

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