Li’l Dan, the Drummer Boy: A Civil War Story by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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LI’L Dan The Drummer Boy
by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
40 Pages
Age Range: 4 – 8 years


Li’l Dan, a slave on a Southern plantation, loves to play his drum. When a company of Union soldiers announce that the slaves have been set free, Dan has no place to go, so he follows the soldiers, who make him their mascot. But Confederate soldiers attack, and Dan discovers that he is the only one who can save his friends.
The only children’s book ever written and illustrated by legendary American artist Romare Bearden, Li’l Dan, the Drummer Boy was just recently discovered. Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. has written a personal introduction to the book, describing his own memories of the artist while Bearden created this memorable tale.
On an accompanying CD, Dr. Maya Angelou, three-time Grammy Award winner for spoken word recordings, reads the text.

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