The Miles Mask by John Nelson

The Miles Mask by John Nelson
Limited Lithograph  Signed and Numbered
Edition 750
Size 20″ x 26” Approx


John Nelson has been commissioned to do art for the White House and Congress. I found this print in an old abandoned house I cleaned out for a bank.

John Nelson is a master pencil artist. A Washington, D.C. native, John Nelson, is completely self-taught.

His style is marked by extremely detailed renderings that capture moods and emotions most other artists can only hope to imitate.

His natural talents give him the ability to bring out a depth and warmth that has enchanted critics and art enthusiasts alike. What makes Nelson’s drawings unique and vastly different is that his drawings project a personal nature using a three dimensional effect that you simply have to see to believe.

For more than twenty years, John has worked diligently to master his gifted talent by expressing, in pencil, deeply imbedded spiritual experiences and involvement with people.