Why Collect Art?

The life enhancement that a piece of art generates for a collector is the most valid reason for selecting any art work. Collector motivation should be not solely whether a work of art will appreciate financially, but should be based on a link, a kinship, a connection with the essence and life force of the work.
‘The thing about art is that you only hold it in trust. There’s a living spirit in a great work of art. If you see it only in terms of its monetary value, the circle of communication is incomplete,” states Corrine Jennings of the Kenkeleba-Gallery, New York. An astute art collector will see the value of an artist’s work long before the investment oriented art collector takes note. A connoisseur with a sensitive eye uses aesthetics rather than economic considerations in acquiring art work. Only esthetics is intrinsic to the art work. Economic or investment appreciation may be considered for the long run after the collector has found some valid esthetic reason to purchase a piece of art.