Visions by George Nock


Visions by George Nock
Open Edition Offset Print –  A/P Signed by the Artist

Size: 18″ x 23 1/2″ Approx


George Nock, former running back with the New York Jets and Washington Redskins was destined early in life to become an artist. His has been a fascinating career – from maneuvering his powerful torso, to swift moves on the Gridiron, to positioning his big, strong hands to delicately mold objects of intricacy and perfection. Self-taught, Nock has distinguished himself among the greatest sculptors of the twentieth through twenty-first century, due to an intrinsic ability to capture with versatility highly original bronzes reflecting life’s experiences. The brawny, broad-shouldered ex-athlete found his real victory in shaping exquisite sculpture.

Inspired by junior high school teachers, one a sculptor, the other a painter, the multi-talented Nock etched, sketched, sculpted and painted throughout high school – amid stellar performance on the basketball court and football field. In 1964, on a sports scholarship, the mild-mannered jock attended Morgan State University, where he majored in Psychology. By 1969 he had been drafted by the New York Jets. “The team would be going over game strategy in the training facility in Shea Stadium, and would find Nock working on preliminary drawings for sculptures.

After 5 years in the NFL, Nock retired. A natural instinct to eye a field and to scheme an entire play transformed fluidly — to the ability to look at a clump of clay and envision a masterpiece. Whereas, immediate productivity was demanded on the playing field, the average sculpture required 2-7 months of labor to complete.